Pure boredom.


Azora by Varendrich

More drawings of my TSW character.
I don’t know old white witch? I have no idea.
I just drew it randomly.


The worst thing about life right now.

This is how I’ve been playing the game.

For 2.5 year.

Soooo, yeahhhh… it’s been hard to maintain momentum.

Man, that is tough. I just checked mine, and the overall result for me is above the requirement for most parts, except for the fact that my system is windows 8, and since TSW doesn’t exactly support Windows 8. Half of the time I lag, or glitch badly as well. 

This game is heavy as hell. Although, I have tried this tweak and it worked for me, and has helped increase my FPS and overall tessellation quality. 

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Can anyone on Tumblr make this a thing?


this is gonna take me ages. //facedesk.

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TSW Creepypasta? The stuff of nightmares.


Creepypasta did a TSW giveaway.

Awesome! But now I want TSW creepypasta more than ever now. Please. TSW Creepypasta… please.

I want a TSW creepy pasta.